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    Nail Care

Whether your kitty needs an occasional nail trim or maintains a regularly scheduled manicure, our team is able to assist in most cases. If a restrainer is required, a vet tech appointment may be scheduled to help with more difficult cases.

•  Regularly scheduled nail trims can be done while you are at work, home, or travelling

•  Soft Paws Application

•  Vet Tech Assisted Nail Trims

•  Senior Nail Care


Standard Nail Trims Start at $26.00

In addition to Pet Visit $15.00

Vet Tech Assisted Nail Trim: $40-45

Soft Paws: $50.00

*Prices Subject to change per case

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    Medication Administration

Our team is happy to administer medications as prescribed by your veterinarian, assisting with all your medical needs. 

•  Oral medications, supplements

•  Nasal, ocular, transdermal, or rectal meds 

•  Palliative care

•  Hospitalization aftercare

•  Health consulting & medical monitoring while you are at work, home, or travelling


Special Needs Pet Care Starting at: $28.00

Palliative Care Starting at: $34.00

*Prices Subject to Change per case

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    Blood Glucose Testing

Taking control of your diabetic cat's health at home will lead to better understanding of the disease and how to best manage it. The benefits of regular glucose testing include:

•  More accurate readings at home due to lower stress levels

•  Run glucose curves at home, saving money and time

•  Better control of insulin levels

• May be scheduled in addition to diabetic cat care or while you are at home or work  ( limit 3 pokes per day )



Blood Glucose Test $40.00

In addition to Pet Visit $25.00 (we provide our in-house glucose meter)

In addition to Pet Visit $15.00 (you provide equipment)

*Prices Subject to change per case

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    Kitty Visits

Daily cat visits are customized to fit kitty's normal care routine.  Standard visits are 30 minutes in length, extended visits are 45-60 minutes. Complimentary updates included with the first & last visit. 

•  Daily Feeding or Twice Daily Feeding

•  Refresh water

•  Daily litter box cleaning/monitoring

•  Socialization

•  Medications, if applicable

•  Lots of love!


30 Minute Visit: $30.00

45 Minute Visit: $35.00

60 Minute Visit: $38.50

*Prices Subject to change per case

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    Exotics Care

No animal is too small for us! Exotic animal care may be scheduled solo or in addition to kitty sitting. Includes avian, reptiles, arachnids, pocket pets, waterfowl, and everything in between.

•  Refresh water

•  Live feeding, if applicable

•  Health monitoring

•  Substrate cleaning / replacement

•  Bathing, if applicable

•  Socialization


Starting at $30.00

We provide in-home pocket pet boarding services, at a very limited capacity.  In some cases, our veterinary nurses may assist with boarding your special needs exotic companion.

Limited space available, must be free of disease and parasites, and enclosure must be sterilized prior to boarding with us.

*Prices Subject to change per case

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    Fluids Administration

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can be managed with regular subcutaneous fluid therapy. Be a hero to your kitty and let us assist you along the way!

•  Save money & time with fluids done at home

•  Less stress and fear free

•  Customized schedules to fit your needs, while you are at home, work, or travelling

•  Close monitoring by a veterinary professional

•  Instructions and tips on how to administer fluids at home yourself. You got this!


Sub Q Fluid Administration: $35.00

In Addition to Pet Sit $15.00

*Pricing subject to change per case

  • Grooming (1)

    Medical Grooming

Medical grooming in the comfort of your home. Veterinary Technician appointments provide the help your kitty needs to be feline fine again.

•  Sanitary Cuts

•  Matt Removal

•  Dry Shampoo (CBD available for additional cost)

•  Deshedding

•  Regular Bathing Schedules (recommended for seniors & hairless cats only)


Medical Grooming Starting at $60

*Prices Subject to change per case

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    Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi includes safe transportation services to the veterinarian, groomer, or airport.  Your sitter will relay information to your vet and you, ensuring all decisions are up to you every step of the way.

•  Routine veterinary exams

•  Emergency care

•  Ground transportation

•  Moving assistance

•  Grooming appointments

•  Pet Supplies or medication pick up


Pet Taxi Starting at: $50.00

Pet Taxi to/from DIA $100 ($15 per extra cat)

*Prices Subject to Change per case

  • healthcare-and-medical


Whether you need diabetic cat care or other injectable medications administered safely to your pet, our veterinary team can help. 

•   Subcutaneous or IM injections, as prescribed by your veterinarian

•   Administering medications at home saves money and time

•   Lower stress levels, fear free

•   Tighter scheduling to ensure timely delivery of insulin (6am-8am, 6pm-8pm)

•   May be scheduled while you are at work, home, travelling, or out for the evening!  



Starting at $35.00 per visit

$3.50 per injection in addition to service

*Prices Subject to change per case

Current clients may schedule visits though the Time to Pet portal at https://www.timetopet.com/portal/citykittysitter. You will receive confirmation, once your request has been approved by a team member. Remember to save your login credentials & password to login each time.

Once you make changes or submit a schedule, wait to hear back from us.  A confirmation will be sent as soon as your schedule has been accepted via email or push notification, if the TTP app is installed on your phone. If after business hours, your schedule will be approved the following day.

Please be aware that our insurance requires visits within 24 hours of arrival and departure. We are unable to accommodate every other day or visits that go beyond a 24-hour time frame.  Pet care providers are trained, and background checked by City Kitty Sitter, and we cannot share responsibly with other parties. Thank you for your understanding and patronage!